Frequently Asked Questions


What is Supahands?

Supahands is an outsourcing platform powered by a team of virtual assistants. Supahands was built to help entrepreneurs and businesses scale faster by taking care of their business tasks and projects.

What are the different plans that you offered?

We have the Entrepreneur and the Business Plan. Under the Entrepreneur plan we have the Starter, Growth, Pro and Premium plan which you can view here. The Entreprenuer plan operates using the dashboard and Hands system whereas the Business plan does not.

What are your working hours?

Our office’s main working hours are from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm (GMT +8). Some of our SupaAgents work remotely and will be able to work during off-peak hours and Malaysia public holidays as well.

Is my personal data confidential?

Most definitely! We pay a lot of attention in ensuring that we provide a service that our SupaUsers feel safe using.

All personal data is stored securely on our server. Besides that, our SupaAgents don't have access to personal confidential data and have all signed Non-Disclosure Agreements before they join the team. Also, when a task is picked up by a SupaAgent, all communication and work will not be accessible to the other SupaAgents.
To have a view of the terms and conditions, click here

Registration- Entrepreneur plan

How do I sign up for the Supahands service?

You can sign up using either Facebook, Google or your email address. Choose a plan, use the 2 free Hands that are already in your account and start saving time!

Would you require my credit card number?

No, we don’t. All our payment transactions are handled by our third party payment solution provider which ensures that your credit card details are kept private and secure.

Is there a subscription cancellation fee?

There is zero cancellation fee as we don’t believe in tying down our SupaUsers with subscriptions. Hooray!

Do I get to have a free trial?

For sure you do! Upon registration to Supahands, you are entitled to 2 free Hands (up to 40 minutes of work) which you can use right away

Entrepreneur Plan

What is a Hand?

A Hand is the currency we use here at Supahands. Each Hand is up to 20 minutes of work. How many Hands it takes for us to complete a task would depend on the nature of your task, such as how big it is or how difficult it is to obtain the information you're looking for. Essentially, it depends on how much time would be needed to complete your task.

How do I send in a task?

Once you’ve signed up, click on “New task” button that’s located on the top left corner of your screen and tell us what you would like help with. One of our SupaAgents will then pick it up and get it done for you. Have a look at the type of tasks that we could help you with: If you are submitting a large task, we usually advise our SupaUsers to break it down and send them in separately so that several SupaAgents can work on the task simultaneously - completing your task faster.

If my task takes too long and requires more than one Hand how will I be notified?

Generally with tasks, our SupaAgents will work on it with a Hand (20 minute duration) first and will get back to you with an update on what they’ve covered. If the task requires more time to complete, the SupaAgent will notify you on your task thread with how many additional Hands they’ll need to see the task through.

How many Hands can an SupaAgent complete in a day?

Our SupaAgents are expected to complete at least a Hand on your task for each day. Depending on their individual availabilities, they may be able to complete more Hands. Think your task looks like it could use a few people to work on it at the same time? Break it down and submit multiple tasks for several SupaAgents to work on your task simultaneously.

Is there assurance in meeting my expectation in terms of delivering quality work and it being on time?

Our aim is to give you the best quality service. If you aren't satisfied with the work, let us know and if it’s an error on our part, we will rework it for you at no additional charge.
Our turnaround time for work requests is 24 hours per Hand, during the work day. For tasks that require more time, we will inform you of the number of Hands or workdays required.

Am I able to cancel a task once it's been sent?

Yes, you can. Just write a message to your SupaAgent on your task thread informing him/her that you would like to cancel the task. If the SupaAgent has not started working on it, we will provide you with a voucher code for you to redeem back the Hand.

Would you provide refunds on unsatisfied service?

There is no refund for unsatisfied service. However, If you are not satisfied with the work, do let us know how we can do it better. Again, if it is an error on our part - misreading the question/gathering information that does not fit stated criteria, we will rework the task for you at no additional charge.

Can you do last minute / urgent requests?

We sure can! SupaAgents will prioritise urgent tasks and work on those first. Just indicate on the task title that your task is Urgent,provide a due date and time for our SupaAgents and they will try their best to finish the task within the deadline.
For urgent tasks, we charge double the amount of Hands needed, e.g.: if a task takes 4 Hands to complete, we will take 8 Hands to work on it urgently. Whether a SupaAgent is able to work on it during the weekend is subjected to their individual availabilities so do make sure to ask!

Can I choose the SupaAgent that I want to work on my tasks?

You’re not able to choose your virtual assistant under the Starter, Growth and Pro package. Your tasks are assigned to the Supahands team and picked up by the first available SupaAgent.
However under the Premium package, if there is a SupaAgent that you would like to work with, we can try to arrange that for you.

Task Coverage

What services does Supahands specialize in?

If it is something that’s virtual, not technical and doesn’t involve actual running around, then it sounds like something we could definitely help you with!
Here are some of the things that we specialize in: Data Entry, Lead Generation, Database Cleaning, Inbound and Outbound Customer Care, Data Deduplication, Online Research, Appointment Booking and Scheduling, Data Mining.

What services does Supahands not provide?

Our SupaAgents will always try their best to meet your request. However, specialized tasks such as video and audio editing, SEO, design, accounting, legal, copywriting, writing press releases, marketing, public relations and social media management is not what we’re able to assist you with.
In such cases, we can either recommend you to our partner companies which specialise in the field of your request, or we can source the contacts for you.
However, if it is a task you are able to explain to us by giving us a step-by-step guide to replicate the process, then our SupaAgents are more than happy to give you a helping hand!

Can you make calls?

Most definitely!
If a Skype account has been provided, we’ll charge a Hand for as many calls as we can make in a Hand (20 minutes).
If a Skype account hasn’t been provided to us:
For Malaysian calls - For 1 Hand, we are able to cover 1-2 calls. For International calls - It is advisable to provide us with a Skype account. If not, do get in contact with us or your SupaAgent so that a charge can be discussed.

If Supahands makes a call on my behalf, how will they introduce themselves?

They introduce themselves as your assistant. "G'day, this is Annie calling on behalf of [your name/ company name]. I am his personal assistant and would like to arrange a suitable meeting time for tomorrow morning."

Do your assistants speak foreign languages?

Our SupaAgent team is diverse since we hire people from different cultures within South East Asia. Though our preferred medium of instruction would be English, we do have SupaAgents who speak fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Bahasa Melayu. We will expand the service to include other languages too in the future.

Can you pick up mails from the post office or buy groceries for me?

We are desk junkies and we won’t be able to physically do the tasks for you. However, we are able to source for someone who specialises in your request and we will manage the task to ensure it is completed.

Can you make online purchases on my behalf?

We surely can! We charge a Hand to make the purchase for you. We will first send you an invoice via Paypal and once we’ve received the payment from you, we will then go ahead and make the purchase.
Disclaimer: We hold no responsibility for if the item is no longer made available by the time we go back to make the purchase. A 2% exchange rate fee will be charged for transactions done in currencies other than Malaysian Ringgit.

Will I be able to interact with my assistant and the team via phone?

We prefer keeping everything to the task thread as this leaves a paper trail for historical referencing as well as for quality assurance.
If you do require a Skype session with your SupaAgent to explain details regarding a task, you will be able to do so and the first session will be free. The subsequent Skype sessions will be charged according to the amount of time taken - one Hand for up to 20 minutes, 2 Hands for up to 40 minutes, etc.

Purchasing Hands – Starter, Growth, Pro, Premium Packages

Help! I have used up all my Hands. How can I get more Hands?

You can add additional Hands to your account from your dashboard. On the left sidebar, click "Buy Hands". From here you are able to purchase more Hands and that will get you more help with your tasks!

What type of service plans do you have under the Entrepeneur plan?

Under the Entrepreneur plan, we currently have 4 packages: - Starter, Growth, Pro and the Premium package.
These plans are great if you already know that you’ll need more than a few Hands for your tasks. The more Hands you purchase in a go, the more you save! Check out the prices here
If you’re unsure of how many Hands you may need under the Entrepreneur plan, we also have the ‘Pay As You Go’ option where you would be able to purchase a single Hand albeit at a higher price. You may purchase them by clicking the ‘Buy Hands’ button on the sidebar on your dashboard.

Once I sign up for a plan, can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Since there are no subscriptions to tie you down, our plans are fully flexible -- that means you can upgrade and downgrade plans with no fees or charges. Simply purchase the amount of Hands that you think you’ll need and it will just be reflected in the amount of Hands under ‘Purchased Hands’, which is located on your left sidebar on your dashboard.

Do my Hands expire?

Our Hands never expire. It does not matter which Supa Package you’ve purchased, the Hands will still be in your account if unused.

What currency do you trade in?

We currently trade in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), but will soon introduce other currencies in the near future.

Do you only use Paypal?

For our International users, Paypal is the only option that we have for now. Fret not, we’re looking at introducing new payment gateways really soon! If you’re from Malaysia, you can opt to do a direct bank transfer when purchasing Hands. Do get in touch with us on our website chat feature or drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you with the necessary arrangements.

Business Plan

How do I know that I should be on the Business plan instead?

If your project is rather large and requires a team to work on it at the same time, it’s important to ensure that the quality and amount of work done is standardised and delivered to you by the agreed upon deadline -- this is exactly what the Project Manager will do for you under the Business package.
Besides that, if it’s a project that is ongoing (needs to be done weekly or monthly) and requires continuity, this plan would be a better choice for you. Having a Project Manager allows for a single point of contact, which means that there’ll be no need to continuously re-educate when different SupaAgents pick up your tasks; like under the Starter, Growth and Pro Package.

What can you help my business with?

Think of us as your one stop outsourcing shop! We can give you the extra hands you need to handle your business’ backend needs. Our specialties include data entry, lead generation, database cleaning, and inbound-outbound customer support.

How do you charge for the Business plan?

The Business plan is charged differently than the Personal plan and is charged on a per hour basis.
As every business’ outsourcing needs differ, the prices under the Business plan are all customised and tailored accordingly so there is no one price that covers all. Get in touch with for a quotation today!

How do you track the progress of the work done?

As we’re flexible people, let us know how you would like us to update you! Whichever platform you choose, rest assured that our project managers will give you timely updates to keep you well-informed on the progress made.

How do I find out more?

Visit out Business page at or get in touch with the team who will be able to assist you with any of your queries on how we can help your business at


Where is your team located?

Our core team is based in Damansara Heights’ business district. We work together in a fun space so we can manage the quality of our service and brainstorm on how to make Supahands better for you. Other than that, we have a growing group of SupaAgents who work with us remotely.

Is Supahands available in any part of the world?

Yes. Being a virtual company, we are able to cross borders and service clients from all over the world. Our SupaAgents currently help people in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and more!

How do I get in touch with you?

If it is task related, our prefered contact point would be via the task thread on your dashboard . Any other enquiries can be directed to us at or via the chat function that should be on the lower right corner of our page.

Will I be able to share my account with my family members or my colleagues?

At this stage there is no option to share your account with family members or colleagues. Each account is intended for single person use only. You can however gift Hands to friends and family.

How do I reset/change the password to my account?

You can do so using this link:

How do I terminate my account?

Don’t go! But if you really have to, do drop us an email on and notify us that you would like to terminate your account and we’ll get to it.