A Hand

So that you create more time for the other work that drives your business.

Lead Generation Task Examples

Find distributors and agents

I’m working in an Italian company producing cosmetics. Please generate leads for distributors and agents in Singapore and Malaysia. Ideally we would have 10-15 leads for each country.

Obtain contact information

Compile a list of at least 15 Developer Companies in Malaysia and get the HR departments contacts (phone number) for each of the listed companies.

Collect and compile data

I need you to collect all the names of Malaysian Universities that have a Business Department/School, along with a contact email/phone number for each, and compile in a Google Sheet.

Data Input Task Examples

Data tracking

Help us track our open rate and click-through-rate for our marketing newsletters that we send 4 times a week. Please use the information found when you log into SendGrid to fill out this Google Doc.

Data extraction and presentation

Organize all of the organization's contact information from this link. I would like it in the format of the excel sheet that I have attached.

Data entry

Visit this page and type out all the text in the image into a word file for easy editing later.

Admin Support Task Examples

Posting ads online

I need you to post ads on the 5 following classifieds websites.

Recruitment research

Please log in to our Kalibrr account and research on content writer candidates for our blogs that fulfill these criteria.

Message broadcasting

We have a new project launch scheduled next week. I need help to blast a WhatsApp message to everyone in our client list.

Content Uploading Task Examples

Basic image editing

I need you to do some minor editing (cropping, inserting watermark) of these pictures and to upload them onto my Wordpress account.

Product uploading

Please add these photos onto our Facebook store and include the SKU’s for each item.

Product management

I have few products in my Easystore that need to be synced so that it'll also be posted onto the e-commerce site.

Content General Online Research Examples

Training and workshops

I would like a list of short term trainings that can boost the careers of bank managers within South Eastern Asia.

Events for professionals

I am looking for fun events happening in Toronto in April for young professionals. Please list them down and include costings if there’s any.

Knowledge and learning

Kindly assist to provide links to some recent examples of great startup UX Reviews/Case Studies for mobile apps & web-based solutions.